The Archers 2 Mod Apk v1. (unlimited coins/gems/stars/money)


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the archers 2 mod apk


The Archers 2 Mod Apk v1. (unlimited coins/gems/stars/money)

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  BYV             Arcade            68 mb        Today

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 5M+                    v1.      Android 5.0+    

If you don’t want to lose your money in buying crystal and coins to unlock certain items in the archers 2 mod apk. Just download this modded version of game which is packed with unlimited gems, money and food. Unlock whatever you want and customize your archer as per you desires. Also equip your player with deadliest weapons.

This latest version of game is available on Google play store for free to download. But whenever you want to upgrade your weapons, shields and outfit, you need crystal and coins to do so. You can collect in them in two ways, whether claim rewards daily or complete mission to gather them. But if u can’t wait, just download this full mod menu apk with feature of unlocked everything.

Table of Contents

the archers 2 hacks

The Archers 2 Mod Apk Gameplay

This game is the continuation of the previous version “hardcore 2d time killer The archer”, developed by the BYV. This latest version is so much popular among its lover. It has more than 5 million downloads with a positive rating of 4.5 on Google play store.

It is the combo of arcade crafting and stickman game with simple but attractive 2d graphics. The background visuals of the game are quite simple and could be changed as per your liking. All you have to do is to complete various level by killing the other archers and all bosses with arrows, shuriken and spears.

You have to struggle in the beginning to aim the target, but be patient to become a pro. Also the aim assist will help you to hit your target by giving a direction. Kill the enemy before he kills you to become a winner. Try to give a headshot to finish the enemy in one shot
he skills to become unbeatable.

Features of The Archers 2 Hack Mod Apk

Upgrade with Various Skills

To attack your enemies and to protect yourself in a better way, you need to have some unique skills. You have an opportunity to upgrade your skills by spending some coins or crystal. Few of the skills you may purchase are:

Energy sphere: it will help to make a protective shield on player, which will protect you.
Bow shield: it will help to make a protective shield on bow to protect damage on your bow.
Energy arcs: it will create two arcs which will destroy enemy’s arrow.
Reflective sphere: it helps to make reflective sphere around the player.
Reflective shield: it creates a reflective shield on the bow.
Reflective arcs: it will help two arc that reflect enemy arrow.

the archers 2 mod apk everything unlocked

Various Modes of the Game

The Game has various modes to play. To diversify your level of interest, the developers made three different modes to play. Each mode has its own uniqueness and difficulty levels. You have an option to play whether in endless mode, two player mode or campaign mode. It’s better to start with campaign mode if you are a beginner. Even you can play as Archer, Thrower and as a wizard by unlocking them.

Simple but Engaging User Interface

The user interface of the game is not so excellent. But the simplicity will attract you to play for an hours. You have an option to select your favorite from various backgrounds of the game available. The graphics of the game is also simple and eye-catching. The game operates on the real physics rules. You will experience it when you stretch you archer. The controls are quite simple, also you will have a demo on how to play the game on the very beginning.

Various Weapons to Use against Your Enemies

There are number of weapons available to use. But they are locked and could be unlocked with coins or few with achieving a certain score. Each weapons has its own power and specialty. Initially you will have a simple bow. Some of the best weapons you could unlock & tips and tricks about them are:

Unlock bow with coins: (sea bow, buckthorn bow, deer bow, sniper bow ,demonic bow ,harns bow and metal bow)
Unlock best bow on getting certain points/score: (fire bow, crystal bow ,ice bow, poison bow, angel bow, ghost bow sniper, amethyst bow)
All Spears: (simple Spear, red Spear, sniper spear ,green Spear, spear of infinity and sharp Spear)
All Shuriken: (simple Shuriken, sharp Shuriken, kissaki Shuriken, ikeda Shuriken, star Shuriken, robory Shuriken)
All Arrows: (fire arrows, frozen arrows, poison arrows, triple arrows, explosive arrows, shadow arrows)

the archers 2 unlimited coins

Various Weapons to Use against Your Enemies

Along with attacking the enemies with powerful weapon, you also need to make your defense strong. You can purchase various items against coins and crystals to have a powerful defense. Customize your character, equipped with the most powerful attacking and defensing items. Some of them are:

All Helmets:

  • The helmets that will protect your head from 1 arrow of the enemy includes:
    (Domed Helmet, kettle hat, nanla Helmet)
  • The helmets that will protect your head from 2 arrows of the enemy includes:
    (Hat of adventurer, armored Helmet, samurai Helmet, visor kettle hat, building Helmet, metal Helmet, bucket Helmet, sniper elite helmet, hyper vision helmet)
  • The Most Powerful Helmets that will protect your head from 3 arrows of the enemy includes.
    Knight Helmet, barbarian Helmet, sallet Helmet, swordsman Helmet, skull scary wooden mask, welder mask
  • These could be Open On achieving certain score:
    (French Helmet, Soviet Helmet, USA Helmet, British Helmet, roman Helmet, elven Helmet, hoplite Helmet)
  • Could be available on getting certain hits:
    (Watermelon Helmet, mushroom Helmet, pineapple Helmet, helmctus Helmet)

All Bags:

To gather different weapons and items, few beautiful bags are available on the store. They could be purchased on spending coins.
Few of them which you can unlock and use are:

(Wooden quiver, hunter quiver, rugged quiver, heavy quiver.)

Armor with different outfits:

Various outfits are available on the store against spending few coins. Each armor has its own power and unique looks. To make your character cool and unique, you can choose best armor from them. You can pick from:

(Dirty outfits, improved outfits, wooden armor, archer armor, leather armor, hard leather, enhanced heavy leather, studded leather, ring mail, haplite armor, centurion armor, magic armor, plate heavy, elven armor, royal armor, demonic.)

the archers 2 unlimited everything

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Mod Features of The Archers 2 Hack Mod Apk

  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • No Ads
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Limitless gems
  • all weapons unlocked
  • unlimited everything
  • unlimited stars and coins
  • unlimited money
  • unlimited diamond.
  • unlock all weapons
  • unlimited gems
  • all levels unlocked
  • all items unlocked
  • all bow unlock

How to download The Archers 2 Mod Apk Latest Version 2022

Stumble guys mod apk


How to hack the archers 2?

To hack the archer 2 mod apk ,you just download the game from the given link and enjoy all hack features.

Is there a difference in weapons on the archers 2?

Yes, every weapons has its own power and specialty to kill the enemies.

How can i run the game on pc?

The game is designed for android. Bluestack is required to run on pc

Does upgrading archers help archer queen?

Absolutely. It helps

How to play the archers 2?

Playing the game is difficult in the beginning, all you need to do practice to become expert.

The Archers 2 Mod Apk Review:

The archers 2 god mod apk is an amazing game to play. You must obtain power and fight the giant to conquer every level. You definitely have an idea of bow, skills and weapons guide by reading above article. You will enjoy the game with all the weapons and items, which are unlocked in this mod version.

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