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tap tap run mod apk


Tap Tap Run Mod Apk: Unlimited Money, Coins & Gems

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  Publisher           Genre                  Size                Updated

     NEWRY              Simulation          52.38 MB       2 days ago

       Downloads          Version       Requirements          

        1M+                   1.9.2             android 4.4+    

Tap Tap run Mod Apk is a clicker running game developed by NEWRY. With 1 million+ download and 3+ rating. The game is available for free to download on Google Play Store.
But you must purchase coins and gems against cash whenever you need to upgrade certain things. This hack apk version will help you to unlock all items for free.

It’s a simple but exciting game with different modes to play. The graphics of the game is quite simple and attractive. It doesn’t require so much space on your hard disk as it consumes only 58MB. Just download the modded version and enjoy unlimited coins and diamonds.

Table of Contents

tap tap run mod apk unlimited everything
tap tap run mod apk unlocked everything
tap tap run mod apk unlimited coins

How to Play Tap Tap Mod Apk

The gameplay of Tap Tap Run Mod Apk is straightforward. There are various modes available to play. Run on the trade mill machine to cover a specific distance and earn coins to unlock different items. Coins could be used to increase speed, stamina, and stamina recovery.

By upgrading your levels and running powers, you will be eligible to play other game modes, including challenges, racing matches, and underwater modes. It would help if you had to upgrade your powers to compete for the next mission, as every task is more challenging than the previous one.he skills to become unbeatable.

Features of Tap Tap Run Unlimited Everything

The following are features you will love to play the game. By reading this article, you will better understand the tap tap run game, tips, and tricks, cheat codes, coupon codes, and all the competitors.

Various Modes of the Game

You have an opportunity to play on various modes to diversify your interest. Earn coins by running on the machine to play multiple ways. These coins could be used to upgrade different items to complete each mission.

Challenge Mode

In this mode, you have to cover a distance in a specific time interval. The length will be increased after completing each mission. The race starts from 50m running and will go to km and Akm. To achieve the targets, you must have enough speed and stamina.

Vs. Match Mode

It includes a racing competition between you and animals, humans, vehicles, superman, and the universe. It would help if you defeated every category’s characters to unlock the next competitor. Each one is faster than the previous one. It would be best if you upgraded yourself to win the race.


All human competitors include
Courier | Biker | Thief | Police officer | Honey | Bruce run athlete | Sonnung mi | Griffith daliner | Usain nut


All animal competitors include
Cat | Bear | Tiger | Kangaroo | Greyhound | Ostrich | Lion | Horse | Pronghorn | Cheetah


All superman competitors include
Spider Runny | Huggy runny | Moon runner | Fash | Mask runner | Ssounic
Nio | Quick runner | Super runner | Flash runner


All universe competitors include
Voyager | Meteor | Halley’s comet | Oumuamua | Parker solar | Mars | Earth | Sun | Ufo | Light

Underwater mode

It would help if you traveled a certain distance underwater to conquer each level in this mode. The length will increase, but the time will remain constant. Upgrade your character to complete each mission. You will be awarded a certain number of coins for achieving every target.

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Upgrade Your Character


You can upgrade your character by increasing his running speed by spending coins. It is much needed because your opponents are faster than you. If you don’t maximize your speed, you will be unable to defeat them.


If you run fast, you will be out of breath too quickly. Along with increasing speed, you must upgrade your stamina powers too. You will cover a long distance without having to pant. But coins are required to do so.

Stamina recovery

It takes some time to recover your stamina whenever you are out of breath. It is stamina recovery time. You must also update this by upgrading your stamina recovery against coins. You will have your stamina back faster.

A few other upgradations that will help you to boost your speed, stamina, and stamina recovery time on the next level are:

Sprint, Sprint probability, Super sprint, Super sprint probability

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Items upgradation

You can upgrade your character by upgrading various items to give a unique look and upgrade your powers. You can upgrade them by spending coins or by opening a random box. These items include:


Upgrading hair will increase gold acquisition. You will acquire more gold on achieving targets and missions. Also, you will have a unique look with different hairstyles.


Upgrading the costume will give a unique look and increase stamina recovery time.


 There are different shoes available with different running speeds. Upgrade and unlock them to run faster with a different look.


These are handy items. Various relics have powers to increase speed, sprint, stamina, and stamina recovery at the same time.

A few other items you may unlock are
gold acquisition exp acquisition
stamina consumption
runner high speed
runners’ high stamina consumption
super sprint

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Random box

You can try your luck by opening a random box by spending gems. There are four options for random packages available. You can unlock items on your chance.
hair box
costume box
shoe box
relic box

Buy Gems from Shop

You can purchase gems from the shop by spending money. These gems could be used to buy coins or to open random boxes. If you don’t want to spend money, download this tap tap run mod apk unlimited gems from the given link to avail of unlimited gems.

Mod Features of Tap Tap Run Speed Hack Mod Apk

Unlimited Gems, Money, Coins, and Diamonds

By downloading this god mod menu game, You will have infinite coins and gems. You can unlock all the character’s strengths. And open the unlimited random boxes for free. Upgrade your speed, stamina, and stamina recovery to maximum levels.

Mod Menu

With this mod menu, you have various options to get unlimited items, whatever you want. Just turn on the choice, and you will get unlimited free gems and coins. There is an option to upgrade things and powers without spending coins. You may turn it on too.

No Ads

You can watch ads to earn coins if you don’t use the modified version. Also, a lot of ads appear after every level. This tap tap run latest mod apk allows you to play the game without those annoying ads. Just download the tap tap run mod apk hacked version and enjoy all the features for free.

Tap Tap Run Hack APK: How to Download/ Install

Step 1: Delete your previous installed game
Step 2: Download the APK from the given link
Step 3: Allow unknown resources from phone setting
Step 4: Clicking on Install Button will install it in few seconds
Step 5: Turn on the mod options from mod menu
Step 5: Play the Game and enjoy

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How to hack tap tap run mod apk?

Download the Modded version from apkmony.com

Is downloading this APK safe?

Absolutely its safe and secure, don’t be afraid of any hacking or tracking.

Can I get banned from the game?

It has fully anti-banned feature. You could not be tracked by servers.

Do I get all the features?

All the features will be available in the mod menu, which were described


Tap Tap Run Mod apk is an exciting game to play. The system requirements are shallow. You can play on a fundamental android phone. Just tap on the screen to run fast. Upgrade your character with unlimited free gems and coins. Defeat fastest running creatures and machines. Enjoy the game without ads.

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