Ninja Arashi 2 Mod Apk: Unlimited Money/Health/Artifacts

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Ninja arashi 2 mod apk

Ninja Arashi 2 Mod Apk: Unlimited Money & Health

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Black Panther     Adventure     114mb         Today

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       10M+               1.4.1                android 5.1+    

Ninja Arashi 2 Story

Ninja Arashi 2 is the sequel and updated version of Ninja Arashi. If you have played the previous version, you better know how Arashi killed Orochi. Dosu (The Final Boss) imprisoned Arashi on ice and kidnapped his son. He stuck for more than 15 years in an ice cube.

The story of the Game begins with a stranger named raven who rescued Arashi from ice. They both had a conversation, and raven told Arashi about dosu and his kidnapped son. Raven promised to help him out in search of dosu and his son. He gave some artifacts to regain Arashi’s lost power.

Table of Contents

How to Play Ninja Arashi 2

Ninja Arashi Black Panther mod apk is an exciting action game that will never get bored. Arashi is on the way to find the final boss dosu and rescue his son. The Game has 4 acts with 60 stages each to be cleared. In every stage, you have to fight various sorts of enemies.

Try to play safe and not to be hit by any enemy to clear every stage. To complete every level, you must kill thousands of enemies and clear various hurdles. Finally, at the end of every act, the boss is waiting for you to fight and defeat him to qualify for the next act.

You have an opportunity to collect more coins to enhance your power and skill. Even you can purchase different weapons and unlock everything to strengthen your attack power from those coins. Upgraded weapons will help you to defeat all the enemies, bosses and rebellion groups of Orochi. Play wisely and conquer each level safely. To get the latest mod apk, download from the link.

Features of the Game Ninja Arashi 2 Mod Apk

Various Enemies to fight

Ninja Arashi 2 mod apk is a very challenging and exciting game. Enemies of different powers and strengths restrict you from moving further. You have to compete with all of them with an efficient strategy. Stay away from deadly bushes, running hacksaws and fire etc., to play safe. Kill all your opponents with your sword and fire from a distance. Be aware of the shooters hiding in various places.

Deadliest Enemies of the Game

While moving further, you have to face various enemies with different strengths and weapons. Kill all of them wisely and better strategy. Some of the dangerous enemies are:

Archers:  they throw archers fast toward you whenever you come in front of them.

Dual Blade Wielders:  they have a two-sided blade, and moving them continuously, it’s tough to kill them even from front or back. Try to make a distance and fire to them.

Skeletons:  they jump on you rapidly and kill you. Taking action faster will save you.

Samurai:  they can dodge you by spinning over. Please wait for the perfect time to hit them. Otherwise, you will get killed as they roll back rapidly to your back.

Arrow Bombers:  they are shooters and shoot very fast. Make a better strategy to defeat them.

Bomb Thrower:  they throw bombs towards you, can’t be seen sometimes as they are hides in various locations.

Spike Man:  they have big sharp swords. Attack them from away to not get harmed by them.

Suicide Squad:  they are suicide bombers and can kill you and themselves by bombing.

Hidden Shooters:  they are the most annoying enemy you will face. They hide and kill you with a gun instantly. You will take extra care of them by focusing on the Game.

Boss Fight at the End of Every Act

By killing hundreds of enemies and plenty of hurdles. You will unlock the next act. But wait a minute. To get into the next act, you must compete with the boss at the end of every act. Each boss is tough to defeat, having extra powers and abilities. A lot of skills and upgraded weapons are required to fight with them. But to find the villain Dosu and rescue Arashi’s son, you have to fight with the 3 bosses:
1. Kanashi the Sword Master (First Boss)
2. Yasha the Bowmaster (Second Boss)
3. Kido the Terror (Third Boss)
4. Dosu (The Final Boss)

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Find Artifact to Strengthen your Power.

Artifacts are the main elements of the Game. They will help boost your power and skills to kill enemies instantly. But the problem is, you have to make a lot of struggle and effort to find artifacts. The developers hide them in different places on some levels. To avail of the features of those artifacts, you have to find hidden artifacts location and unlock them. The details and powers of artifacts in Ninja Arashi 2 are:

Coin of Luck: it appears in the initial stages and could be found easily. It is a primary artifact that doesn’t have enough benefits but it helps you to stay safe from hidden enemies
Sword of Satsuma: This artifact will help to kill more enemies with one fire. It gives extra power to your fire.
Onimaru: this one helps to increase the number of life count.
Dotaku: this is the most important artifact. It helps you to reveal all artifact’s locations. Must try to find this one.
Golden Shuriken: It will increase the kill rate whenever you throw stars toward enemies.
Sacred Tsuka: It will reduce the heath decrement in cold areas. Otherwise, you become freeze rapidly and die.
Meiyo: on achieving this artifact, you can get a shield that will protect you from fire and bombs.
Akumu: this one will not give you extra power, but it helps to change your appearance by wearing a mask.

Realistic Sounds

The main element of any game that attracts users is the Game’s sound. This Game has great sound placement and quality. It sounds great whenever you jump or slide; the sound of swords and screaming enemy while dyeing sounds so realistic. Even the background music will give you a better feel while playing the Game.

Graphics and Controls

This Game has fantastic graphics. Even though the gameplay is only in black and white color, you will have an incredible feel while playing it. Also, the controls of the Game are pretty straightforward. Jump, double jump, slide, attack with a sword and fire quickly via controls visible on screen.

Mod features of Ninja Arashi 2 Hack Mod Apk:

It would help if you spent coins to gain additional skills and power and upgrade your weapons. Collecting coins from the Game is quite annoying when you are in a hurry to avail of special powers. This game mod version is packed with various features like:

  • Unlimited money/gold/coins/gems/diamonds
  • No ads
  • All artifacts unlocked
  • All powerful skills
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • Unlimited Health
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Unlocked everything

How To Download Ninja Arashi 2 Crack and Pro Apk

To download the god mod apk along with the game hack. You must follow few simple steps.

swordigo hack mod apk


How to Hack Ninja Arashi 2?

You can hack it by downloading the mod game.

How to get artifacts?

You have all artifacts unlocked with this pro apk.

Can I only play online?

It doesn’t require an internet connection.You can Play it Offline.

Can i download for pc.

It is developed for android and ios user,to play on PC or mac use Bluestack (emulator).

Final Verdict

Ninja Arashi mod apk is an amazing but tough game to play. You need a lot of tries to complete each mission. Every level is quite interesting and challenging than previous one. Play safely and wisely to conquer.

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