Naxeex Super Hero Mod Apk v2.3.9: Unlimited Money | Gems


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Naxeex Super Hero Mod Apk v 2.3.9: Unlimited Money | Gems | Skill Points

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Naxeex superhero mod apk is a simulation game for android phones. If you are a lover of games like GTA vice city. This game is developed on the same pattern for mobile users. You act as a superhero to save different cities from gangsters and criminals. More than 300 missions will be assigned to you to complete.

This game was developed by Naxeex video game studio, which created a lot of exciting games for android and ios users. It is available on the Google Play Store for free. But to upgrade skills, weapons and other items, you must have coins, which could be purchased against real money. This modded latest version has unlimited gems and money.

Naxeex superhero apk has more than 10 million downloads on the Google play store with a favourable rating of 4.2. Play as a superhero with all powers. Upgrade your character, weapons and skills to fight criminals. Fly, jump and drive various cars to travel. Complete every task to unlock the next one.

Features of Naxeex Super Hero

Upgrade skills to empower super hero

You can upgrade various skills to enhance your attacking and defending powers. The gameplay starts with the basic skills, and they will upgrade whenever you reach a higher level. Following are the skills you can upgrade. Also, you can unlock all skills with this cheat apk.


The superhero has a lot of powers to fight enemies. Telekinesis is the ability by which you can move any object or person with the power of your mind. You must need this skill on various occasions.


  • It belongs to the health of your character. Fighting against enemies’ attacks and bullets, you must have upgraded powers.
    Max Heath (upgrading these skills will boost your maximum health).
  •  Health Regeneration (whenever you are low in health, it helps you to regain your health instantly)



To strengthen your defence, upgrade these skills to survive longer against your enemies. Your enemies have deadly weapons to kill you.

  • Bullet Resistance (reduce the damage of bullets fired by your enemies).
  • Explosion resistance (reduce damage from explosions of bombs and cars).
  • Fire resistance (minimize damage from fire and prolong your survival).
  • Melee resistance (reduce damage from Knife, punches and kicks attack).
  • Fall Damage resistance (reduce damage whenever you fall from height).
  • Collision resistance (reduce damage when striking vehicles or any object).


  • Max stamina (Increase max stamina to run and fly).
  • Stamina regeneration (it helps you to regain your energy instantly).
  • Sprints swim speed (swim with more speed).
  • Swimming stamina cost ( reduce stamina consumption while swimming)


  • Medkit efficiency (increase recovery rate of med kit).
  • Max med kits (carry more med kits in your inventory).
  • Stamina kit efficiency ( increase recovery rate of stamina kit).
  • Armour efficiency (increase max damage that armour absorbs).
  • Max armour (have more armours in your inventory).

Car Controls

  • Vehicle speed (Increase speed of all vehicles).
  • Vehicle health (increase health of all cars).


  • Melee attack speed (attack with melee with max speed).
  • Melee damage (increase your melee attack damage).
  • Melee weapons damage (increase damage for all close combat weapons).


You can upgrade the following skills of all weapons you use: pistols, SMG, shotguns, rifles, heavy weapons, and eye laser damage. But upgrade all weapons individually

  • Damage (you can increase the damage of all guns by upgrading them).
  • Fire rate (increase the fire rate of every weapon).
  • Mag size (increase magazine bullets capacity).
  • Reload speed (reloads your weapon fast).


Upgrade your flight control and speed to travel more efficiently.


Use various weapons to kill your enemy.

Many weapons are available to unlock and use on different occasions in Naxeex Superhero Mod Menu. You must decide with your skills to use the right weapons in the right spot. You can use melee, SMG, pistols, rifles, shotguns, heavy guns and grenades of various models. Buy any weapon and their bullets by spending money. If you want to avail of them for free, download the Naxeex superhero hack mod apk.

Customize your Super Hero

Give a unique look by changing head (face,mask,hat), body (forearms,arms,gloves,cloak), legs(shins,thighs,foot,). Each item has various options to purchase against money. To equip them for free, download the Naxeex superhero game mod apk.

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Buy expensive vehicles to travel.

Ride your favourite vehicles, including luxury cars, by purchasing them for money. These vehicles include:

  • Bicycle
  • Aircrafts
  • Tanks
  • Big fighter robots
  • Helicopters
  • Sports bikes
  • Monster truck
  • Beach car
  • Other luxurious, expensive cars

Complete Daily Task to Earn Rewards

There are many tasks for you within the game. By completing these tasks, you could earn money and skill points. These tasks are not as tricky as primary tasks. You can watch them from activity tracking and complete them. For ex. you must

  • Kick and Knockdown fences, pillars, and trash cans
  • Buy weapons, ammo, clothes, consumables and vehicles
  • Spend money, gems, skill points, complete and loot quests, reset and get police rates and level up
  • Theft, drive, destroy vehicles and police helicopters
  • Drive motorcycles, helicopters, tanks, and aeroplanes
  • Use med, armour and repair kits
  • Collect all masks, cops models, and cops stars and use aerostat
  • Earn rewards by swimming, free fall, walking and running, and using jumpers and kick ability
  • Eliminate targets, police targets and moving targets


Graphics and easy controls

Nexeex superhero mod apk all unlocked is the game with high-quality 3d graphics and visuals. Even you can change graphics quality to ultra, medium, high or low. You will enjoy the game with realistic sounds of flying, kicking, running, and police sirens.

Also, the controls of the games are not so complex. You can customize controls from settings as per your ease. You can navigate, fly, run, sprint, fire, and kick from the buttons on the screen. Switch your weapon any time while fighting with the enemy.

Mod Features of Naxeex Superhero mod apk Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Money | Gems | Coins | Diamonds

Now you can get unlimited skill points, money, diamond, coins and gems by downloading this Naxeex superhero mod apk god mode. Buy your favourite weapons with ammo and luxury vehicles with free shopping. Don’t spend your real money to unlock the items. Just download this hack version and enjoy.

Enjoy the Naxeex Superhero City mod apk with No Ads

The annoying ads while playing any game will distract the concentration of player from focusing on the game. By downloading this hacked mod apk, you will find no ads to tease you.

Other mod features include Naxeex superheroes are

  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • Unlimited money and diamonds
  • Unlocked everything
  • Unlocked all weapons
  • Unlocked all skills
  • Aim hack
  • No ads
  • Speed hack

How to Download

Step 1: Delete your previous installed game
Step 2: Download the APK from the given link
Step 3: Allow unknown resources from phone setting
Step 4: Clicking on Install Button will install it in few seconds
Step 5: Play the Game and enjoy


How To Hack Naxeex Super Hero Mod Apk?

You can hack the game by simply downloading the modified version from apkmony,com

Final Words

Naxeex superhero mod apk is a game full of entertainment. You will be addicted to this game if you love games like GTA vice city. With the features unlocked all items, you can use all premium features like unlimited skill points for free in this cracked version. Just download the game and enjoy it. 

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