Conquer the Tower Mod Apk v1.861: Unlimited Money


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Conquer the Tower Mod Apk v1.861: Unlimited Money

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Strategy puzzle fans will like Conquer the Tower Mod Apk. Game Lord 3d, a renowned studio, created the game. The game’s popularity can be seen in its high download count (10+ million) and review score (3.9+). It’s a simple war game that will help you learn about the history of colonial conflicts.

Construct your army and take control of the castles and towers. Protect your building against invading troops. The first person to conquer all towers will become that empire’s ruler. Win coins after completing each level. Or, you may download conquer the tower takeover mod apk to have unlimited coins and money.

How to Play Conquer the Tower Mod Apk

The gameplay is entirely original, despite its apparent ease. There will be some castles and towers scattered across each quest. At the beginning of the game, you and your opponents will own a court. You might strengthen your position by sending your army to invade and take control of the other castles.

Your ability to attack and defend will increase proportion to the number of castles you control. Your foes will also attempt to take control of the court. Develop a potent strategy to seize control of a more significant number of towers. Sending your army there will hopefully help them maintain their strength.

Once you possess a sufficient number of towers, now is the time to assault your opponents to defeat them and take control of their castles. You must win victories over all of your foes and take control of all of the towers to become the master of the empire. Clear the last level of the game to become the king.

Features of Conquer the Tower Hack Mod APK

It’s a simple two-dimensional game with nothing special about the graphics. However, once you begin playing the game, you will become wholly absorbed in the gameplay. The following is a list of the fundamental aspects of the games:

Create your Army to Conquer the Towers.

Your ability to attack and defend is directly proportional to the number of available warriors. The greater the size of your army, the more powerful you will be to reach the highest level. Invading the towers and bringing their strength to its maximum will allow you to construct your army. As you take control of more castles, the quality and the number of your armed forces will improve.

Create a Winning Plan of Action.

The tactic you choose will determine the outcome of the entire match. Instead of engaging the enemies immediately, you should focus on improving your defenses first. The player’s attacking and defensive power will benefit from the construction of formidable castles and armies capable of reaching their maximum potential. To quickly take control of a tower, you should assault it from every castle.


Increase the Power of your Weapons, Armour, and War Rides.

It is highly important to have an upgraded combat equipment in order to fight a war and win any battle. You can improve your abilities by levelling up your weapons, armour, and war horses. Nevertheless, you will need to spend cash in order to level up your skills. Downloading conquer the tower war games mod apk will allow you to improve your skills with unlimited coins.

Earn Rewards on Wining

Coins are required in Conquer the Tower City War Mod Apk if you want to level up and improve your talents. There are two routes to take in order to acquire those coins. You will be given some coins as a reward for winning each combat, with the amount depending on how well you performed. You can use them to improve your talents.

The second way is to buy coins with real money to use in the game. You may get unlimited coins and diamonds for free if you download conquer the tower mod apk latest version. This will allow you to utilize unlimited everything without ever having to pay for anything with this cracked apk.

Easiest Controls to Play with

Conquer the Tower is a game with straightforward and distinctive visuals, and it features controls that are quite simple to use. To invade another player’s castle, simply slide across the screen from your own to the target castle. Everything that is necessary to have a successful strategy. The most important aspect of this game is determining when and where to station your soldiers.

Purchase Dominating Skills

Conquer the Tower games offer a limited selection of different skills to choose from. These skills will assist you in establishing a dominant position over your foes. Either you can freeze their castles to prevent them from attacking, or you can speed up your own attacking strength to make it twice as effective. Coins might be exchanged for access to these game-changing skills.


Mod Features of Conquer the castle mod apk

Coin serves as the primary form of currency throughout the game. The amount of coins that can be gained by triumphing in the fight is insufficient to be able to access the restricted items. The way to unlocking everything with an infinite supply of money and diamonds is included in this modded and hacked version of the game.

Also, using this hack mod apk, all of the abilities and skills will be unlocked for you to use. This pro application does not require the player to unlock anything, as all of the available armors, weapons, and dominating skills are already unlocked. Simply download conquer the tower mod apk, and you will immediately have access to all of the premium resources for free.

If you are tired of being forced to sit through the obnoxious advertisements that are included in every game. Here is a way to play the game without being interrupted by advertisements. Simply click the download button to gain access to all of the resources at no cost.

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How to Download

Step 1: Delete your previous installed game
Step 2: Download the MOD APK and data file from the given link
Step 3: Use file manager to unzip the zip file
Step 4: Copy conquer the tower mod apk to Internal Storage–Android–Data
Step 5: Install the apk
Step 6: Play the Game and enjoy


How many levels are there in Conquer the tower Mod Apk?

There are more than 200 levels to complete.

How to get unlimited coins in Conquer the tower apk?

Download the mod apk from apkmony to get all premium features for free.

Final Verdict

One of my all-time favorite video games is called Conquer the Tower Mod Apk. In my spare time, I devote several hours to playing it. It is just as fascinating and interesting as the Swordigo mod apk or the Ninja arashi 2 mod apk. Your intellect is required to devise a winning tactic in order to progress through the levels.

This mod apk will provide you with free access to unlimited coins. Money and diamonds. That will help unlocking anything a lot less difficult. The cheats, tips and tricks that were presented in the above article will be of great use to you as well.

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